Lambda Markets
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Token Details

Unlock the Lambda Ecosystem with $LMDA
Track LMDA on decentralised markets using the details below 👇

LMDA Token Address


Trade LMDA (limit orders)

Trade LMDA on Prism DEX with limit orders.

Trade LMDA (Swap)

Swap USDC or other tokens for LMDA on Jupiter Aggregator.

Liquidity Provision

Deposit LMDA or USDC into the liquidity pools on Orca or Tulip to earn APR on your token holdings.

Wallet Addresses

Authority Wallet (Vault): authority over mints and smart contracts.
Lambda Token Mint: max supply 100M, 6 decimals
LMDA Burn Wallet: Tokens that are waiting to be burned will be sent here 🔥
LMDA token market: You can track the LMDA token market here on Birdeye 👇

Burn log 🔥