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Macro Dashboard

Follow market flows in real-time with the Lambda 2.0 Macro Dashboard


Understanding why price is moving the way that it is, is an important component of profitable trading. The Lambda 2.0 Macro dashboard will deliver real-time macro insights with:
  • Economic Calendar
  • Monetary Policy Radar
  • Market Sentiment and Risk Profile Data
  • Real-time Newsfeed
Lambda 2.0 users will have all the information that they need to act on important news events or simply to provide additional confluence for charting with the Strike Algorithm.

Economic Calendar

All user tiers will have access to the Lambda 2.0 Economic Calendar — users will be able to set the calendar to their preferred timezone and never be caught off guard with scheduled macro-economic events.
Plan your weekly trading plan effectively accounting for pockets of heightened market volatility.
Customise Lambda’s economic calendar with filters: users can filter out the events that they are not interested and focus on only those relevant or interesting to them.

Monetary Policy Radar

Central banks are the largest provider of liquidity to global markets and thus, their decisions with regard to monetary policy have a significant impact on all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies.
Lambda 2.0 users will have access to real-time data on each Central Bank’s stance with regard to monetary policy and detailed insights into what they are going to do next + how that will impact markets.


Reserved for ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ subscribers is the Lambda 2.0 Newsfeed. The news headlines that move markets will be captured here for users to act on in real-time — trade news and unscheduled events in the Lambda 2.0 web application based on accurate and timely news prints.
Crypto + traditional market events will be included to ensure traders are able to capture the move on whichever asset class that they prefer trading.

Trader Sentiment + Risk Appetite

Basic + Pro Users can access Lambda 2.0’s powerful trader sentiment and risk appetite data. Anticipating when informed traders are likely to shift and allocate capital is a key driver of market moves.
The Market Risk Profile (MRP) will provide a holistic overview of the macro landscape with regard to risk assets like equities and crypto. Traders can use this to help identify liquidity conditions and the future path of the price risk assets (🆙 or 📉).
Complimenting the MRP is the Lambda 2.0 Market Sentiment (MS) oscillator. The MS is intended to represent the perception of the broad masses in contrast to the actual market situation.
Users will be able to visualise real-time comparison between the MRP and the current market sentiment to quickly identify divergences.
MRP is calculated using two types of data:
  1. 1.
    Data quantifying the market’s current situation from global central bank key interest rates, money supply and balance sheet fluctuations.
  2. 2.
    Historical market data to help predict future developments based on events of the past… data points include: consumer inflation and employment data, energy prices, historical + realised volatility, USD strength, and movements in the US bond market.

Why Use the Lambda 2.0 Macro Dashboard?

The Lambda 2.0 macro dashboard exists alongside charting, trading execution and trade automation features in a single web application.
All users (including free access) can trade via their preferred exchange, while keeping up with macro developments on Lambda 2.0 — there is no need to navigate to other platforms to help inform your trades. Lambda 2.0 will have it all at your fingertips!