Lambda Markets

Strike Algorithm

Optimise your trade entry and exits
The Strike algorithm generates optimal trade entry and exit signals for cryptocurrency + traditional market assets. Users can gain access with the LMDA token.
Strike can be used as a discretionary or automated trading algorithm

What is the Strike Algorithm?

Strike is a directional trading algorithm that generates optimal entry and exit signals for cryptocurrency and traditional market assets. Signals are printed on the price chart in real-time.
The algorithm works on all timeframes using backtested technical analysis data, derivatives market data + order-flow to generate high-probability trade opportunities.
Centralised Exchanges (CEX) like Binance and ByBit are used to aggregate technical + order-based flow, while Deribit Exchange data is processed in real-time to generate refined entry and exit points. The algorithm is constantly refined to earn more from winning trades and to lose less from losing ones.
Here’s the 3D chart of Bitcoin/USD since launch ⤵️
Performance of the algorithm since launch
Lambda 2.0 will harness the power of Strike to deliver high probability trade setups for major cryptocurrency assets, altcoins and traditional markets in real-time.
Signals generated by Strike can be sent to a user’s Lambda 2.0 dashboard
Signals generated by Strike can be sent to a user’s Lambda 2.0 dashboard and when their preferred exchange is connected, the signal be traded with one-click — they can even trade on the go with our Telegram integration.

Benefits of Algorithmic Trading

Both discretionary and systematic traders can benefit from using the Strike algorithm. Beginners can use Strike to formulate a profitable strategy and advanced traders can use our algorithm to refine their existing approach.
Where the Strike algorithm adds true value is with the filter it provides and in the level of alerts and automation it can generate. Lambda 2.0 will feature a customisable screener and alert feed where users can toggle parameters to remove the noise and only see their preferred setups — based on data Strike algorithm.
Filter the noise with the Lambda 2.0 Screener
Filters based on the Strike Algorithm

Backtested Results

Both discretionary and automated trading strategies using Lambda Strike can generate consistent returns, we’ve compiled some data below 👇
Here is a long/short directional strategy on BTC/USD since January 2019 — the automated strategy used directional signals from Strike on the 4-hour timeframe to enter and exit positions.
Automated trading with the strike algorithm since January 2019
Buy on Hard Bull signals 🔼, sell on 'Hard Bear' signals 🔻 - combined with strict risk management and consistent returns are had ⤵
Automated strategies are effective, but so too are discretionary ones. Users that have existing profitable strategies can optimise their trade entry and exits using the Strike algorithm - 'Hard' signals have an exceptional strike rate when used at key support and resistance levels + swing reversals often signal the start of a trend reversal.


To become familiar with the Strike algorithm, you can view the Lambda 1.0 Tutorial --> A Tutorial for Lambda 2.0 users will be published in January 2023.