Lambda Markets
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Feature Marketplace

Upgrade your trading experience with our feature market
Level up your trading experience with custom scripts + indicators.


The Feature Market place is where traders can create, share and monetise their own indicators created from Lambda 2.0 data feeds. Simply code your own script and publish on the marketplace for others to use.
Traders can create free features/indicators or have private, paid-only scripts that are monetised. Only Pro users can become Feature Market Merchants.
All transactions within the Feature Marketplace are denominated in LMDA.

Using the Marketplace

Lambda’s own custom scripts will be available in the marketplace and new scripts will be rolled out frequently, but to harness the power of our community — you’ll be able to create and sell your own scripts IF you’re a ‘Pro’ tier subscriber.
If you need a quick solution, you can find plenty of pre-made options in the marketplace. But if you’re looking for something slightly more complex, you can create your own solution or see if someone else already has.

Powered by LMDA

All transactions are processed using the LMDA token, and with each transaction 10% tokens are burned. This should make LMDA increasingly scarce on decentralised markets and reward heavy users of the platform.
LMDA token flow