Lambda Markets


Introducing Lambda 2.0 - our comprehensive trading platform
Offering real-time trade signals + insights, advanced order types and one-click execution - all in a single web-application.
The platform will offer real-time trade signals, advanced order types and one-click execution by combining:
  • Advanced charting library
  • Directional Algorithm (Lambda Strike)
  • Real-time trade signals + customisable Strike alert feeds
  • Macro-economic dashboard
  • Trade Engine for trade execution + management
Screen for opportunities in real time with our trade engine
Using a solana wallet as authentication, you’ll access the full suite of Lambda Markets and have everything you need to extract profits from the cryptocurrency market, at your fingertips. You do not need a TradingView subscription or any other, only Lambda.

Charting Library (Strike)

The Lambda 2.0 charting library will combine our Strike algorithm, orderflow overlays and the charting tools that you're used to to provide an unprecedented trading experience.

Trade Engine

The Lambda Trade Engine is the heart of Lambda 2.0
  • Focus on high probability trade setups with our algorithmic market screener.
  • Customise alert feeds to catch trade opportunities first in real-time on your favourite timeframes and tokens.
  • Integrate one-click trading with your telegram account and securely-stored exchange API keys.
  • Execute orders fast and effectively with our trading terminal.
  • Take advantage of passive, delta-neutral strategies.

Macro dashboard

Real-time, easy to digest macro insights, so that users can easily gauge the wider market context. Including; Economic Calendar, Trader Sentiment Tracker, Monetary Policy Radar, Risk Appetite Indicator and market-moving newsfeed.