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Trade Engine

Level up your trading experience with customisable alert feeds, telegram integration and advanced execution.


Strike algorithm alerts can be easily integrated for one-click trading with Lambda 2.0 — all that is required is an account with your preferred centralised exchange + a telegram account. Advanced order types like laddered orders, TWAP and Swarm are made easy + the automation that telegram trading provides, will make sure that you never miss a high probability trade opportunity again!
At the core of the Lambda 2.0 trade engine:
☑️ Advanced order types
☑️ Telegram trading
☑️ Non-directional opportunity aggregator
☑️ Institutional grade API key storage
Lambda 2.0 - Basic + Pro User Alerts Flow
From the Lambda 2.0 Trade Engine page, users can:
  • Customise strike alert feeds to filter the market noise
  • Integrate preferred exchange account(s) for trade execution
  • Sync telegram account for mobile alerts + trading
Everyone is able to execute via our terminal with advanced order types — all that you need is a Solana wallet + CEX account to take advantage. The differentiation between subscribed members (‘Basic’ or ‘Pro’) and ‘Free’ users is that; subscribed users have unrestricted access to customisable alert feeds, telegram trading and non-directional aggregation, whereas free users do not.

Advanced Execution

All users — free + subscribed, can use the advanced order types that the Lambda 2.0 Trade Engine has to offer, to execute more efficiently with an edge over other market participants.
Use Lambda to execute via:
☑️ Scale (Ladder) orders: scale orders across a determined price range to improve your average fill.
☑️ Time-weighted-average-price (TWAP) orders: execute large orders based on time, to enhance the efficiency of executing with larger size.
☑️ Swarm orders: reduce slippage by fragmenting a large order.
Read about how we handle API keys here:

Customisable Alerts

Lambda 2.0 users can setup customised alerts in the web app.
Use the strike algorithm to to filter the market noise + only be alerted when high probability trades are identified. This ensures that Lambda 2.0 users are not stuck staring at the charts all day, waiting for the next opportunity!
Users can set customisable alerts based on:
✔️ Strike flow e.g. Bearish 🐻
✔️ Rating e.g. Strong Buy ⏫
✔️ Strike signal e.g. Hard Bear 🔻
✔️ Timeframe e.g. 4 hour candles
➕ the standard technical indicators that you are used to!

Telegram Trading

If you’re out of the office or just prefer executing away from the desk, integrate your telegram account for alert notifications and trade execution on the go, in a single action. Never miss a trade opportunity, again!
Users are able to securely integrate their telegram account + preferred centralised exchange API keys to be alerted of opportunities in real-time and execute them remotely via their mobile device.